Possum Merino Thermadry Fingerless Gloves




Possum merino fingerless Gloves

Made In  New Zealand

 Merino wool and Possum fur produces a fabric unsurpassed for its softness and warmth, whilst the polypropylene and elastine make this an ideal hard wearing outdoor working glove’

Possum fur and Merino Wool fibres offer superior warmth and comfort.
Polypropylene wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you dry. Retaining a warm layer of air next to the skin
Elastane gives the glove stretch for a snug fit.

22% Possum Fur 32% Merino Wool 32% Polypropylene 14% Elastine.

Care instructions: Hand wash use wool detergent, rinse well,spin dry,dry flat. (do not tumble dry)


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If you are outside New Zealand and would like to order this product, we'd love to help. Please email us to arrange this.

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